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Here you will find basic training videos and downloadable PDF'S

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Puppies are like sponges and absorb everything around them up until approximately 14 weeks old,  after this period they are still learning but not absorbing as quickly as before. Therefore, it is important to start training them in their home as soon as possible and not waiting until they have had all their jabs and can go to classes.  If possible, get yourself a puppy sling/carrier or for larger puppies a stroller and take them out in it.   They need to be exposed to the outside world while they are under 14 weeks old,  while they are still processing everything.   Let them see buses, lorries, cyclists, horses, joggers, people with hats on, glasses on etc. from the safety of your jacket/sling/puppy stroller.

Training your pet off lead is essential as they are usually off lead indoors and in the garden.   Reward based training and lure rewarding techniques make training enjoyable, fun, quick and effective.   With all reward based training you will need to phase the food out BEFORE it becomes a bribe !

To begin, weigh out your puppy’s daily food allowance,  remove a portion and put into a container for your pup’s rewards throughout the day. You can use these for absolutely everything your pup does that needs rewarding.   Happy training :-)  

Click on the link above to download your free PDF

Click on the link above to download your free PDF

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