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Puppy & Dog Training

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Welcome - Here’s to a new day of learning and growing! * You will learn how to teach your puppy/dog their life skills, to help them to become a well mannered canine companion * You'll be able to teach your puppy/dog a recall, which is vital if they are off lead * You will also be able to teach your puppy/dog how to walk nicely on a lead * All training is taught in a positive way, with reward base training * Apart from the tricks and the finishing position all the other tutorials have PDF's for you to download and reference These tutorials will show you how to teach your canine companion basic commands, like sit, down, stand, stay/wait. We have included a section totally for recall and all the core exercises we do for teaching a solid reliable recall. Next, there is also a loose lead section, which was our online loose lead workshop that we created during Lockdown and all the core exercises needed to teach your pup to walk nicely on a lead. Then we have a section, which is a little more advanced and the tutorials show you how to teach Leave, Stop, Drop and the Finishing Position. Lastly for fun, and as an added extra, we have included a few tricks for you to teach your puppy/dog. These are spin (left or right) leg weaves and Play Bow All our training is taught in a positive way and through reward based training. Dogs learn best by positive association and if they offer a behaviour and get rewarded for it, they are more likely to offer it again.

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Puppy & Dog Training

Puppy & Dog Training

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