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Learn on the go with Rayleigh Canine

At Rayleigh Canine, we understand that it can be hard to commit to a certain time every week for training 

or sometimes you can't always remember how to teach something at home, that you've been shown in class.  

So, we have created something to help teach you any time and anywhere you may be!  

We have created a training App and 3 Online Courses !!

The Training App - Totally FREE to download and has some free content included

You can subscribe weekly to any of the following starting from £2 per week :-

                Puppy/Dog Training (includes Recall & Loose Lead Walking) 


        Recall Training

       Loose Lead Walking

       Click here to download the App


On Line Course - Dog Training For Newcomers - £19.99

In this course we aim to show you how to train your puppy/dog and to teach them the life skills needed for

them to succeed in life and to make it a happy home for everyone.

These tutorials will show you how to teach your canine companion basic commands, like sit, down, stand, stay/wait. We have included a section totally for recall and all the core exercises we do for teaching a

solid reliable recall.

Next, there is also a loose lead section, which was our online loose lead workshop that we created

during Lockdown and all the core exercises needed to teach your pup to walk nicely on a lead.

Then we have a section, which is a little more advanced and the tutorials show you how to teach Leave

, Stop, Drop and the Finishing Position.

Lastly for fun, and as an added extra, we have included a few tricks for you to teach your puppy/dog. These are spin (left or right) leg weaves and Play Bow

All our training is taught in a positive way and through reward based training. Dogs learn best by positive association and if they offer a behaviour and get rewarded for it, they are more likely to offer it again!!

To purchase the course click Here

Online Course - Agility For Newcomers - £19.99

Welcome to Agility for Newcomers course, I hope you enjoy it and it sets you and your dog on the right paw with your agility venture. Whether its for fun or you'd like to compete, safety is paramount.


With agility becoming more and more popular, lots of shops are now starting to sell equipment cheaply and with no instructions on how to set up and train your dog. So this is where this course comes in. I will show you how to set your equipment up, with the correct spacing between each obstacle. How high your dog should be jumping, when they are old enough too. No dog should be jumping full height agility jumps until they are at least a year old.

I will also show you how to train your dog to use the contact equipment (dog walk, see-saw, A-Frame) and discuss the different methods of training weaves. I will also show you how to use channel weaves so your dog will be able to do them independently.

Also there is the all important gridwork that they must start off with when learning agility and wen we practice our contacts we only need to use a contact trainer, which I also show you how to make.


To purchase the course click Here

Online Course - Agility for Newcomers - The Next Jump - £19.99

Welcome to our Dog Agility for Newcomers - The Next Jump

This is the follow on from our Dog Agility For Newcomers Course. As the dogs have now been introduced to the agility equipment and are jumping a few jumps, we can start to teach you some handling skills and show you how to teach the dog the technique.

This will help you to put the obstacles together allowing you to run small courses and once you have taught your contacts and weaves you’ll be able to run a full agility course 

In competition a course consists of 14-20 obstacles

We will also show you how to teach stop or running contacts by back training the behaviour. You will also be shown how to teach channel/swivel weaves, to help your dog be weave independent.

The course explains each skill, shows you how to teach it and then we have included videos of teaching the

skill to my clients which shows some trouble shooting we had with running contacts.

Also included at the end of the course is a short video of some exercises you can practice with just 2 jumps or 1 jump and a cone.

All training is taught in a positive reward-based way.

To purchase the course click Here

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